Unemployment a challenge to nigerian youth

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Challenges Of Unemployment In Nigeria

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Youth unemployment: Expert calls for stakeholders’ collaboration on capacity-building

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Vocational training, apprenticeship will solve Nigeria's youth unemployment challenge - Osinbajo

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Main is also a lot of corruption in the Roman educational system, particularly universities. Challenges Of Unemployment In Nigeria Enyiuche Articles September 25, The disclosure in a report by the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) which puts the number of Nigerian graduates who completed the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) within the last five years but have remained unemployed at overis appalling.

UNEMPLOYMENT- A CHALLENGE TO NIGERIAN YOUTH: ANY REMEDY! PREAMBLE In this period of economic meltdown, job loss, foreclosure and fear of uncertainty; the challenges of Nigerian youth are hydra-headed.

The State of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria. Targeting has also presented a challenge. Often, all categories of unemployed youth are lumped together as if they are homogeneous (in terms of.


However, it is noteworthy that youth unemployment is a worldwide challenge. For instance, India with one of the largest populations of young people in the world has 75 million unemployed youths.

‘Entrepreneurship antidote for youth unemployment’

- According to him, this forms a key part of the solution to the issues of skill shortages and youth unemployment Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has canvassed for the reviving of the apprenticeship culture in Nigeria, saying it will solve Nigeria's youth unemployment challenge.

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing Nigeria like many other countries in the world. However, there is also a growing level of security challenges .

Unemployment a challenge to nigerian youth
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