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Charles Culen- Nurse Killer Custom Essay

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On December 30,he succeeded yet another patient with digoxin. Charles Cullen Nurse Killer The case I have researched concerns Charles Cullen. I had never heard of him until I saw his name on the list of suggested cases. It was Charles Cullen’s nickname, the Nurse Killer, which caught my attention.

I had already started forming questions about the case Read more. Apr 15,  · Pretending To Be A 'Good Nurse,' Serial Killer Targeted Patients Ina hospital nurse named Charlie Cullen was arrested under suspicion of injecting patients with lethal doses of a variety of.

Aug 20,  · Killer Donated His Kidney, Lawyer Says. Charles Cullen, the former hospital nurse who admitted killing at least 29 of his patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has donated a kidney to a male.

Doctors and medical professionals are taught to take care of people, but Charles Cullen was a nurse with a dark side. Known as the Angel of Death, he confessed to killing more than 40 patients — believing that he acted mercifully — but investigators believe that the real number of victims could be in the hundreds.

That would make the year-old the. Charles Cullen: Serial killer nurse who murdered at least 40 patients speaks from prison for the first time and still claims they were mercy killings e-mail Most watched News videos.

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He was supposed to be an angel of mercy — but he was an angel of death, and likely the most prolific serial killer America has ever seen.


Charles culen nurse killer
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