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The Eight Character Archetypes of the Hero’s Journey

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Archetypal Settings and Symbols The Sun: (masculine) both the giver and destroyer of life creative energy; consciousness; passage of time and life. Rising sun: birth; creation Setting sun: death The Moon: (feminine) marks the passage of time and controls the course of human events.

Seedtime, harvest, tides, etc. Oct 21,  · Presentation written for University class Archetypes and Imagery.

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Introducing Archetypes. 20 minutes. By this point in the presentation, most students are hooked, so that the final slide, which adds archetypes as additional contents of the collective unconscious, is fairly easy for them to accept (The More You Know). Archetypes. An archetype is a term used to describe universal symbols that evoke deep and sometimes unconscious responses in a reader In literature, characters, images, and themes that symbolically embody universal meanings and basic human experiences, regardless of when or where they live, are considered archetypes.

View Arthurian Legend and Archetypes PPT from ENGLISH at Ridgeland High School, Ridgeland. The Legend of King Arthur Archetypes, Historical Context, And Synopsis Powerpoint Menu Archetypes .

Archetipe presentation
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